30 low Point breakfast ideas

Looking for a filling brekkie recipes that won't use up all your budget? Check out these delicious ideas.
Published 9 March 2020 | Updated 5 September 2023
Cheese and bacon breakfast loaf

If the only things on the breakfast menu at your house tend to be coffee with a side of chaos, we get it. Mornings might feel rushed at best, and at worst like your alarm is the starting gun for a 10K sprint. Or maybe you wake up famished, grab whatever, and use more Points than intended. That’s where a little planning and strategic prep come in.

Not hungry in the morning? No biggie. Research suggests skipping breakfast won’t necessarily help or hamper your weight-loss efforts, nor will eating it. But for those who want to level up or start a new routine, prep when it works for you and choose foods you’re excited to eat. This will make it feel easier to fit a nutritious meal into your schedule and help set a healthy tone for the day, which could have a positive ripple effect on other parts of your journey.

Need a little help what to eat in the morning? With these 30 delicious low-Point, easy-to-make recipes, brekkie will become a meal you'll want to jump out of bed for!

Eggs for breakfast

Eggs are not only a ZeroPoint food on the WeightWatchers® program but they are also packed with protein making them a great option to start your day. How do you like your eggs?