The Ultimate Autumn Party Guide

Whether it’s game day, a dinner party, or time for some turkey, here are four fall menus (plus desserts!) that are sure to please.
Published October 20, 2016

The air is crisp, the sky is clear, and there are so many reasons to invite friends and family over to share a meal! Whether you’re planning a midday gathering, a nice dinner, or great food for watching football, these ideas make entertaining easier.


Chili party
Keep it simple with two starters and a batch of vegetarian chili.

Autumn dinner party
Start with this seriously-impressive salad, then serve the pork and veggies together on a platter.

Thanksgiving-inspired feast
Think of this as a holiday dress rehearsal, or a bonus gift for those of us who can’t get enough of these flavors!

Game time
Good for crowds of all ages! Set out a big tray of crudité and a basket of baked tortilla chips.

All-occasion desserts
Pick a favorite (or two) to sweeten up any menu.