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Weight loss and wellness for men

The WW programme is based on the latest in science and nutrition, and returns real results.

How it works


Award winning app

The digital tools in our mobile app puts the programme in your pocket 24/7. You can scan foods, find simple recipes, follow audio workouts and sync your fitness device to help you stay on top of your progress.


Flexible programme for real life

With everything still on the menu plus a list of ZeroPoint™ foods, you'll have total freedom with your food choices! Beer and a burger, anyone? We'll also help you fit more movement into your life and teach you healthy habits that will shift your mindset along the way.


#WWBros are behind you

Be inspired by fellow men in our social community Connect. Join Connect group WW Bros to share updates and be motivated by like-minded members of our amazing community. 

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Being a WW Bro

TV personal trainer & former WW member Marvin Ambrosius talks to WW Coach Rik about his journey with WW.

Read Rik's blog on the WW Bros and the support network at your fingertips as a WW member.


For every body who wants to feel healthier and more positive.

What members love about WW

Freedom to enjoy life

"The biggest thing WW taught me was that no food is off the table. It's all about learning moderation." 
- WW member & Coach David

The WW app makes it simple

"It’s easy to look up foods on the WW app. It's been incredibly helpful for keeping me on track and making healthier food choices."
- WW member Peter

Healthier family lifestyle

"WW has brought me more than a lower number on the scale. The best thing is establishing a healthier lifestyle with my family."
- WW member Brett

The WW app makes weight loss simple

Food and fitness tracking, audio workouts and a members-only digital community including a group just for WW Bros! All included with your WW membership.

Which plan fits your life?


WW app and inspirational social
community to help you
achieve your weight loss goals.

Workshop + Digital

All the benefits of Digital, along with 
face-to-face weight loss support at a Workshop from an expert WW Coach