David: "Losing 7st changed my life"

David was just 25 when he was faced with a choice: lose weight or undergo risky spinal surgery. Nearly 8st later, surgery’s off the table – and he’s feeling better than ever!
Published 24 July, 2017

David's story

Weight loss: 7st 12lb 
Start weight: 21st 10lb
Current weight: 13st 12lb
Goal weight: 14st 9lb
Age: 29
Height: 6ft 4in
Time taken to goal: 10 months
Studio: Trallwn, Swansea
WW Coach: Helen Davies

"WW has changed my life for the better – and I never want to go back to the old me. "

Always been big

I’d always been big, and suffered bullying because of my weight. So when I left school, I holed up at home, too self-conscious to go out. My mum had found success with WW, losing 4st, but I refused her offer to join up with her.

Lose weight or face surgery

Then, at 22, I injured my back while at work. Months of scans led to a diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome (CES), a rare but serious condition in which the nerves at the end of the spinal cord are compressed. I was over 22st then, and after a terrifying incident during which I woke up in the middle of the night unable to move, the doctors gave me an ultimatum: lose weight or face spinal surgery.

Joining WW

I knew I couldn’t do it on my own, so I joined WW with Mum. I was worried it was just for women, but after finding an amazingly supportive group in my WW Workshop, I forgot all about that.

Road to success

Mum and I worked as a team to control our portion sizes, eat more veg, and cook healthier meals. I couldn’t do intense exercise, but I started walking everywhere and in 10 months, reached my goal weight.

It's changed my life!

I’m now below my goal and the pressure on my spine has eased off so much, I’ve been told I don’t need surgery any time soon. WW has changed my life for the better – and I never want to go back to the old me.