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WeightWatchers® Live Events

Live virtual events at WeightWatchers bring the WeightWatchers community together to inspire, motivate and support members in achieving their health goals, all from the comfort of their own home. Whether it be cooking, workouts, or getting to know the WeightWatchers app, there's a virtual event for everyone to join!

WeightWatchers Basics

WeightWatchers Basics

Find out everything you need to know to get started with the WeightWatchers Programme ® and the WeightWatchers app!

This exclusive series, for all new and existing WeightWatchers members, is led by our expert coaches and is included in your membership to help kickstart your success right from the start. Get motivated and feel supported as we guide you through our live sessions. Ask questions and learn how to achieve your goals!

The WeightWatchers app puts everything you need to live a healthier lifestyle at your fingertips and our WeightWatchers App sessions give you the opportunity to join live virtual sessions throughout the week, with expert WeightWatchers coaches, who will guide you through the latest features and explain how to use them.

Occasionally session content may vary from that which is advertised due to unforeseen circumstances.


From Zumba to Hooping and Walking to Yogalates, our live virtual sessions encourage you to move your body and refresh your mindset, all in the comfort of your own home!

Be inspired to move more with the support of the WeightWatchers community. Exclusive to WeightWatchers members, our live sessions offer a range of activity and mindfulness sessions to suit all abilities. Join our qualified coaches who will motivate and guide you the whole way through. Even better, you don’t need any fancy equipment - just some space in your own home!

Live Kitchen

Live Kitchen

Welcome to WW Live Kitchen during April.

Live Kitchen this month will be focusing on ‘Foods from around the World’ on a Sunday & ‘Dinner Time Favourites’ on a Thursday.

The lunchtime bitesize sessions on a Wednesday and Friday at 12.30pm continue in April with the themes of ‘Stir Fry Dishes & ‘Breakfast’.

Feel free to just watch or cook-along, everyone is welcome.

Please visit the WW Live Kitchen Group on Connect to find out more information.

To access all the live cooking demos and workshops please use this link at the session time.


Please note that this link will take you to our page of daily events. Just select 'Live Kitchen' to join us.

These sessions are available for BOTH memberships to join.

Our live workshops and experiences are not recorded.

Special Events

Why not find join one of our special virtual events. With sessions for the Menopause or our Black Women's Workshop we have a virtual workshop that will really help you connect with your WeightWatchers community.

Menopause Virtual Workshops

Black Women's Workshops

Are you a Premium member?

You can also join Virtual Workshops to connect with a WW Coach and members of the WW community.

Live experiences are just one perk of being a WW member!

You also have 3400+ recipes at your fingertips, a barcode scanner, easy-to-use trackers for food, sleep, activity & water and so much more.