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WW Live

New WW Live virtual experiences bring the WW community together to inspire, motivate and support members in achieving their health goals, all from the comfort of their own home. Whether it be cooking, workouts, or getting to know the WW app, there's a virtual event for everyone to join!

What's happening at WW?

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

From dance to Pilates and walking to meditation, our live virtual sessions encourage you to move your body and refresh your mindset, all in the comfort of your own home!

Be inspired to move more with the support of the WW community. Exclusive to WW members, our 'Healthy Body Healthy Mind' Connect group offers a range of live activity and mindfulness sessions to suit all abilities. Join our qualified instructors who will motivate and guide you the whole way through. Even better? You don’t need any fancy equipment - just some space in your own home!

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Calling all FOOD LOVERS!

Join us for fun, live cookalongs and live food experiences that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

These popular cookalongs are led by WW Coaches and show you step-by-step how to make a selection of tasty PersonalPoints™-friendly recipes. They’re a great way to discover new, simple and delicious meals, drinks and snacks, whilst interacting with the WW community!

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Weekly Cookalongs

WW App Academy

The award-winning 4.8* rated WW app is designed to help you reach your food, activity, mindset, sleep, and hydration goals - not to mention connect you to an inspirational community and 2000+ delicious recipes.

The WW app puts everything you need to live a healthier lifestyle at your fingertips. Our WW App Academy gives you the opportunity to join live virtual sessions throughout the week with expert WW Coaches, who will guide you through the latest features and explain how to use them.

With sessions ranging from App Basics to Recipe Extra, discover more about the WW programme, and maximise the perks of your membership wherever you are in your journey.

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PersonalPoints™ Basics

Find out everything you need to know to get started with the PersonalPoints™ and the WW app!

This exclusive series for all new WW members is led by our expert Coaches and is included in your membership to help kickstart your success right from the start. Get motivated and feel supported as we guide you through our live sessions. Ask questions and learn how to achieve your goals!

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WW Live Masterclass

Masterclass takes a deep dive into the WW topics and techniques to give you further support on your WW journey. Each month we have an expert guest to deliver the session, supported by our marvellous Masterclass coaches!

You'll enjoy being involved in the Masterclass by taking part in polls, asking questions to the experts and interacting in the chat box. Or you can sit back and enjoy listening, whatever works best for you. You'll pick up really useful techniques and tips and have the opportunity to chat and Connect with like minded members.

Masterclass in Positive Psychology. In this Masterclass, we partner with Occupational Health specialists BMR to understand the pillars of good mental health and how we can protect our mental wellbeing.

Positive psychology focuses on how we can leverage the good to improve our well-being, instead of trying to “fix” what we want changed.

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Are you a Workshop + Digital member?

You can also join Virtual Workshops to connect with a WW Coach and members of the WW community.

Live experiences are just one perk of being a WW member!

You also have 2000+ recipes at your fingertips, a barcode scanner, easy-to-use trackers for food, sleep, activity & water, mini meditations, on-demand workouts and so much more.