50 delicious grilling recipes that totally fit into your Budget

Enjoy every barbecued or caramelized bite!
Published July 22, 2021

Juicy burgers, flame-broiled chicken, and charred veggies—they're all part of what makes the grilling season festive and delicious. And there's no reason to skip the seasonal foods you love in hopes of meeting your weight-loss goals. Go ahead and fire up the barbecue!

We're not dishing up thin, plain burger patties or sad side salads either! Sink your teeth into a bacon-and-cheese-stuffed turkey burger, or try a flank steak marinated in a saucy mix of fresh herbs and topped with sweet and savoury pineapple pepper salsa.

Round out your backyard meal with appetizers like stuffed jalapeño peppers, a side of grilled Brussels sprout skewers, and a dessert of grilled peaches or pineapple rings.