Summer ice-block & ice-cream recipes

Have fun and get creative this summer by making your own fruity ice-blocks.
Published 4 January 2022 | Updated 21 August 2023
Fresh fruit iceblocks

Cool down this summer with 27 of our favourite homemade healthier ice-blocks and ice-creams. They are fruity, super refreshing and a fun way to add fruit to your day.

Our recipe for rockmelon and yoghurt pops use just 4 ingredients to create this refreshing summer dessert. Or why not try our healthy version of the Aussie classic choc-top with banana and yoghurt.

Why making your own ice-blocks are a great idea

  • It is a great way to use up fresh fruit that is in abundance during summer
  • Can be a healthier option than the store-bought ice-blocks and ice-creams filled with sugar and artificial flavours - keeping the Points value low!
  • The kids can get involved in the kitchen and help make them
  • Super easy to make and uses minimal ingredients