The 9 Most Popular WeightWatchers® Meal Ideas

Low in PersonalPoints™ and full of flavor, these breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas are all the rage for good reason.
Published February 6, 2019

Eating the same breakfast cereals, sad lunch salads, and tired chicken dinners gets old fast. But there’s an easy way to take your meals to the next level: Crowdsource new recipes.

The WW community logged the nine dishes below hundreds of thousands of times in 2018. They make good use of ZeroPoint™ foods, you don’t have to measure or track.

Among the top tracked recipes, staples like chicken, turkey, and eggs took centerstage, while new favorites like overnight oats, as well as comfort foods like grilled cheese and hearty soups also rose above the rest.

And while popular isn’t always synonymous with tasty, WW executive food editor Lisa Chernick has deemed these dishes exceptions. The best part? All of the meal ideas below contain a reasonable PersonalPoints value—ever the more reason to try them out for yourself.

The 3 most popular WW breakfast recipes

Lisa’s take: “Ridiculously easy to make. Toss it together after dinner, and wake up to the sweetest breakfast without lifting a finger in the morning. The peanut butter powder is part of the magic—all the flavor without all the fat.”

Lisa’s take: “So good, so easy to make, and such a PersonalPoints value win. It's the perfect treat to keep around the house. Walnuts are great, but if they're not your favorite, swap in a different nut.”

Lisa’s take: “Omelets are easier to make than they seem. Just be sure your pan is well heated when it's time to cook the eggs.”

The 3 most popular WW lunch recipes

Lisa’s take: “This recipe delivers big flavor thanks to fresh lime, cilantro, and fire-roasted tomatoes. It's easy to make, and hearty enough to be a meal.”

Lisa’s take: “The ultimate crowd pleaser! This grilled cheese tastes amazing (thanks to a clever blend of cheeses), and its Points® value is a real bargain.”

Lisa’s take: “This creamy soup recipe doesn't use any cream. In fact, the silky, rich soup happens to be vegan. The trick is to puree flavorful vegetables and broth.”

The 3 most popular WW dinner recipes

Lisa’s take: “This is the simple, delicious, go-to chicken recipe that every cook needs in their back pocket. It's always a hit and pairs well with anything.”

Lisa’s take: While WW members log tons of homemade turkey meatballs each year, Lisa says, “these meatballs are the most delicious, easiest thing to make. Just five ingredients (plus nonstick spray)! Pasta optional."

Lisa’s take: “In addition to tasting fantastic, this mac and cheese is packed with veggies. Cauliflower and carrots are part of the sauce, but because it's so creamy and cheesy, you wouldn't know unless someone told you.”