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27 Low-PersonalPoints Recipes with Massive Portion Sizes

So you can fill your plate regardless of whether you’re eating for weight loss.
Published February 7, 2019

When weight loss is on your agenda but hunger pangs are pulsing, a skimpy serving size of any old dish just isn’t going to cut it. You’re in the mood to EAT, and you want sides, sauces, toppings—all of it.

Good news: Losing weight doesn’t have to mean eating off a small salad plate. You can enjoy larger portions and still see the scale go down.

Oh, and those big-portion recipes you’re looking for? They do exist. Plus, you can easily fold them into your Budget.

But first things first: One way to bulk up your meals (and get extra bang for your PersonalPoints™ buck) is to add ZeroPoint™ foods like leafy greens, veggies, and fruit to your dish. These are high in fiber, which helps fill you up and fill out your plate.

Been there, done that, and still want more recipes to support your weight loss? Below, WW food editors share their favorite low-PersonalPoints recipes with sizable portions. And, wow did they find truly tasty options that'll make you want to hit your kitchen, stat. Read on for 12 dishes that will actually satisfy you without making a dent in your Budget.

If you want pasta, because—who doesn’t?

These pasta-packed recipes are loaded with veggies to fill your plate without adding too many extra PersonalPoints. Dig in!

If side dishes make all the difference:

In the spirit of “more is more,” these recipes go beyond a single main dish. The extras round out the meal and increase portion size. Win-win!

If you live for overflowing bowls:

Beans, fried eggs, cheese, dressing…load it all on with these beefed up bowls that are also low in PersonalPoints.