7-day dinner plan: Featuring popular WW ZeroPoint foods

Find new ways to enjoy your unique list of ZeroPoints foods with these dinner ideas.
Published 28 January 2022

On the new PersonalPoints Program each member gets a individualised list of ZeroPoint foods based on the foods they love. And the best news is you don't need to measure or track these foods!

Curious about the most popular ZeroPoint foods? Here are the top 5 ZeroPoint foods in Australia and New Zealand:

  1. Non-starchy veggies
  2. Fruit
  3. Poultry
  4. Eggs
  5. Potato

There are endless ways to incorporate your ZeroPoint foods into your meals. This week's dinner plan is all about celebrating these delicious foods. One of our faves is these zesty mango chicken skewers with a crunchy side slaw - it's as good as summer eating gets!

Why are ZeroPoint foods actually zero Points?

They’re wholesome nutritional powerhouses (aka zero heroes) you can think of as your “grocery shopping go-to’s” because they form the foundation of a healthy pattern of eating. These foods, ranging from fruits and veggies, lean chicken and turkey breast, fish and shellfish, and wholemeal pasta and potatoes, encourage variety. They’re also regular, everyday foods that are easy to have on hand.