21 Thai recipes to make at home tonight

Enjoy the Thai cuisine at home tonight with these 21 easy Thai recipes.
Published 20 October 2020

In Thai cuisine it’s really important to balance the sweet, the sour, the hot, and the salty. Many Thai recipes can easily be made vegetarian or vegan by swapping our the main protein for tofu and using soy sauce instead of fish sauce.

3 key Thai staples

1. Palm sugar is the hardened sap of palm trees. Find it in the Asian aisle. If unavailable use brown sugar.

2. Kaffir lime leaves are dark green with an hourglass shape. Find them in the fresh produce section. If unavailable use a strip of fresh lime rind.

3. Chillies of many types; often the smaller they are, the hotter they taste! Find them in the fresh produce section.