24 Greek dishes to make at home

From souvlaki to moussaka and baklava we’ve Greek recipes that will take you straight to the streets of Greece.

Classic Greek menu items

Greek salad (Horiatiki salad)

This classic Greek-village salad is traditionally made with tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums, and topped with feta. A typical restaurant portion will have a SmartPoints® value of 13, with the feta and the vinaigrette pumping up the kilojoules.

Hummus and pita

Chickpeas are a great source of vegetarian protein, and you’ll sometimes see flavourful additions of garlic and sun-dried tomato, but you need to watch portions with this one. Hummus is about 2 SmartPoints value for 2 tablespoons, plus another 3 to 5 SmartPoints value for each small pita you consume.


A lasagna-like dish of fried eggplant and meat slathered in béchamel, moussaka is a clear exception to healthy Greek cuisine. A typical restaurant serving has about 14 SmartPoints.


Souvlaki literally refers to anything on a skewer, but is most often meat served for eating with pita, with vegetables as an occasional addition. Grilling is the best choice for meats, and these simple, lean cuts of chicken, lamb, or pork are pure protein on a stick. They come served with pita and tzatziki — a dipping sauce made from Greek yoghurt, cucumber and garlic. A typical restaurant souvlaki cost you a SmartPoints value of anywhere between 9 to 15.

Prawn saganaki

Sautéed prawn are baked in the oven with tomatoes and feta in this relatively healthful restaurant favourite. With just a sprinkle of feta, you should be able to enjoy this distinctive seafood dish for a SmartPoints value of about 4.


In this decadent dessert, filo pastry is brushed with butter and filled with walnuts, dripping with honey and cinnamon. Count on a SmartPoints value of 9 for a typical piece. Even in Greece, this is a dessert for special occasions, so treat it that way and share it.

Mezze (meze)

A selection of small dishes served as appetizers in both Middle Eastern and Mediterranean regions. Dips like hummus and tzatziki, warmed pita bread, dolmades (stuffed vine leaves), cheese like feta and haloumi and Kalamata olives are fount on Greek mezze plates. SmartPoints will vary depending what's on the plate.


A spinach and feta pie wrapped in layers of filo pastry, usually offered as meze. A serve of spanakopita can be 12 SmartPoints values.