Healthy lunch recipes

These healthy and nutritious lunch recipes are full of flavour and colour. They are simple to make and will keep you feeling full into the afternoon.
Published 8 February 2021

Healthy lunch tips

Brighten up your lunchbox with these bright, healthy lunches. These filling salads and wraps are sure to give you the energy you need to get through the afternoon.

The key to making healthy and nutritious lunch is balance. The following lunch recipes have been nutritionally checked to be classified as 'healthy', are made with fresh wholesome ingredients and contain serves of vegetables, wholegrains, starchy vegetables, legumes and protein ensuring your body gets the nutrients it needs to keep you full till dinner time.

Our recipe for roasted pumpkin, ricotta and spinach toastie transforms your average toastie with simple gourmet ingredients like roasted mashed pumpkin, capsicums and ricotta for a fast and tasty lunch!

Try our tomato, chicken and ricotta pasta salad is packed with fresh veggies and wholemeal pasta to help keep you full.