Your 7-day dinner plan: Dinners that ADD Points to your Budget

Eat delicious dinners and add Points to your Budget? Yes please! 🙋🙋🙋

Want extra PersonalPoints?

Rhetorical question. Of course you do! (who wouldn't?). Our new PersonalPoints Program allows you to add Points to your Budget. How does it work? You add Points to your Budget by repeating sustainable healthy habits, which in turn boosts your weight-loss success. Suddenly, smarter choices feel effortless and more like something worth celebrating. So how do you add Points?

Eat veggies!

1 serve of non-starchy veggies = 1 PersonalPoint added to your daily Budget

Why? Non-starchy vegetables are rich fibre, a nutrient that helps you stay fuller for longer.

This week's dinner series is all about celebrating the fact you grow your Budget! We have selected 7 family-friendly recipes that everyone will love. Our fave is the sticky honey chicken and pumpkin tray bake which adds 3 Points to your Budget.

Eat more veggies = grow your Budget:

  • Mushroom and eggplant chasseur with cauliflower purée - Adds 5 Points
  • Beef ragù tortilla bake - Adds 2 Points
  • Roast chicken dinner tray bake - Adds 1 Point
  • Veggie frittata slice- Adds 2 Point
  • Tuna and corn fritters - Adds 1 Point
  • Ultimate cheeseburger - Adds 1 Point