Recipes to celebrate Valentine's Day

When you can enjoy food and still lose weight, that’s love.
Published 10 January 2019 | Updated 25 January 2024

Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day with a partner, friends, cooking for your family, or flying solo, the holiday calls for an extra special meal. Luckily with WeightWatchers, you can lose weight without breaking up with your faves. WeightWatchers is all about showing you how to make healthy foods enjoyable, so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle long-term and reap the benefits.

Start the day with a superb brekkie like salmon eggs benedict. Then for dinner why not make homemade pizza with two ingredient dough and to finish off the night try our waffle maker brownies topped with fresh in-season berries.

Check out the other WeightWatchers recipes below for menu-planning inspiration.

Breakfast for two

Enjoy a special breakfast for two. If you're making our salmon eggs benedict, make sure you times all the ingredients by two - or just make for yourself to enjoy.