12 Tasty Ways to Turn Toast into a Filling Meal

Toppings like eggs, bacon, and avocado easily one-up butter.
Published August 3, 2017

Don’t let its simplicity fool you: When topped with great ingredients, toast can be a perfect little meal that’s as satisfying for dinner as it is for breakfast. Begin with a nicely-browned base made up of bread (or a sweet potato slice to mix things up!), then spread on a bit of hummus, guacamole, spreadable cheese, or maybe nothing at all, depending on what’s next. Try a tangle of greens and sliced tomatoes, followed by smoked meat or fish, or eggs, which can be poached, fried, or hard-cooked. Finish it off with a pop of flavor from capers, chives, dill, or fennel fronds plus a pinch of salt and black pepper or red pepper flakes. And there you go: Dinner in one neat, pretty package. Check out these quick-and-easy toast recipes for more inspiration:

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