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Surprising Ingredient Swaps to Make Your Favorite Recipes Healthier

We’re putting beans in chocolate cake and drinking cauliflower rice—and, yes, they taste amazing!
Published March 17, 2021

Imagine making a rich chocolate cake with that sought-after fudgy texture without using a ton of butter. Or how about a super-creamy mac and cheese with less cheddar? It might sound crazy, but we're using pantry goods like black beans and freezer staples like cauliflower rice to add creaminess and texture to desserts, pasta, soups, and more, all while cutting down on fat and making these crowd-favorite dishes more nutritious.

From chickpea cookies to aquafaba ice cream, here are our best recipes broken down by their I-can't-believe-it ingredient.

Recipes That Use Unexpected Ingredients


(The liquid that's drained from a can of chickpeas!)

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