14 super-creative, SmartPoints-friendly wonton wrapper recipes

Stuff, fold, bake, and eat!

Those small packages of square egg noodles in the produce section of the supermarket don't get much love. But they should! Wonton wrappers, which are 3 SmartPoints® values for five pieces on myWW+ Green, Blue, and Purple, have so many delicious uses that go way beyond the classic Chinese wonton. Though they are used in traditional dim sum recipes, they can also be used in global recipes like savory pizza snacks, make amazing party appetizers like feta-and-spinach cups; and be used in desserts like chocolate-filled cigars and mini pumpkin pie tarts. 

Some of the recipes below may look a little fancy, but don't be deterred! Using wontons doesn't require much technical skill. Many are as easy as stuff, fold, and bake. They just need a good shot of cooking spray or oil from a mister, and a hot oven or an air fryer. If you're feeling creative, check out the ZeroPoint food lists and come up with a ZeroPoint (or very low SmartPoint) filling of your own!

Leslie Fink, MS, RD has been working at WW for 20 years. In addition to her role as a WW Nutritionist and Recipe Editor, she works on food and program development for a variety of projects such as the WW cruises, WW Ambassador partnerships, WW Fresh, and WW X Blue Apron. Leslie helps bring delicious food and meal ideas to WW events, program materials, and more.