5 Ways to Enjoy Mexican Food—and Still Lose Weight

Yes, you can partake in the cheesy, crunchy goodness without all the PersonalPoints™. Here’s how.
Published February 2, 2022

From Taco Tuesday to Cinco de Mayo, Mexican-inspired food is synonymous with fun. The chips, the cheese, the guac, the margs, and so much more. It’s impossible to enjoy all that and still stay on track, right? Nope, that’s a myth…along with what many people believe about Cinco de Mayo itself. In the U.S., the day serves as a celebration of Mexican culture (Mexico's Independence Day is actually September 16). In the 1960s, Mexican American activists introduced Cinco de Mayo in the U.S. to commemorate their victory in the Battle of Puebla 100 years prior. So let’s raise a glass to that piece of history—and these five myth busters.

Myth No. 1: Tortillas pack way too many Points® to be worth it

Tortillas are the base for tacos, enchiladas, tostadas, air-fried tortilla chips, and more. But average tortillas can pack up to 6 Points each—no small amount, considering they're a shell for other ingredients. That’s why we love Tia Lupita Cactus Tortillas ($32.99 for three packs of 10 tortillas each). These low-carb tortillas are made from an earthy, sweet mix of nopal cactus, cassava, and soybeans and have just 45 calories and 1 Point each, so you can bank your Budget for toppings. Throwing a party? Simplify shopping with Tia Lupita Taco Night Variety Pack ($44.99), which includes chips and dips too.

Myth No. 2: Making healthier Mexican comfort food is practically impossible

Of course, our ancestors weren’t tracking Points when they concocted beloved recipes, like pozole, centuries ago. Enter this Slow Cooker Chicken Posole, WW’s lighter take on the iconic stew. Our version replaces pork with chicken, keeps the corn-based hominy, is chock full of veggies, and has only 3-5 Points per serving. Add in flavorful garlic cloves, pickled jalapeños, and fresh lime, and you’ve got a new crowd-pleasing recipe in the family cookbook.

Myth No 3: Tacos are meh without meat

While traditional tacos are filled with carne asada or carnitas, you don’t need meat to beef up your meal. RollinGreens Plant-Based Ground Taco Pack ($27.99 for two packs) is a hearty plant-based blend of peas, beans, and other veggies pre-seasoned with onion powder, chili powder, garlic, and cumin. Each serving has only 2 Points and an impressive 15 grams of protein. Short on time? All four servings in a pack can be sautéed in just seven minutes. When finished, simply shovel the filling into taco shells, add your toppings, and, well, you know what to do next.

Myth No. 4: Tortilla chips are best right outta the bag

There’s nothing quite like digging into a bag of crunch. But for Cinco de Mayo, the tortilla kind should top your shopping list. These versatile chips add crunch to taco salad, serve as the base for chilaquiles, and, of course, act as a vehicle for our Classic Guacamole or Bright Green Salsa Verde. Grab our member-favorite WW Sea Salt Tortilla Chips ($5.99 for five pouches)—a savory combination of stone-ground corn, sunflower oil, and sea salt for only 2 Points per serving.

Myth No. 5: There’s no way margaritas can be good for you

Buzz Killington reporting for duty: Some restaurant cocktails have almost a day’s worth of Points. And while it’s true that margs will never be considered a beverage for better health, you can drink responsibly. Proof? The delightfully portable RSVP Skinnies Baja Margarita Cocktail Mixers ($19.99 for 24 packets), which have no sugar and no Points, but all the lime deliciousness of calorie-laden mixers. Give it a shot (using this cup!): Fill a glass with ice; add one packet, 1½ ounces of tequila, and ½ cup of water or seltzer; and stir. Salt on the rim and this Mexican-Inspired snack board, optional!