A Halloween Themed Recipe Roundup

24 Spooky recipes the whole family will love
Published October 5, 2021

Celebrate the arrival of Halloween by making your own candies, cookies, and pumpkin-spiced creations with the whole household. The recipes in this roundup will provide hours of creepy, hands on fun for witches and warlocks both young and old. Looking for even more family-friendly thrills and chills? Set the scene with spooky music or a favourite scary movie and carve a pumpkin (or two!), work on homemade paper decorations for the house, or for older children, DIY trick-or-treating costumes.


It wouldn’t be Halloween without candy and other sweet treats, and these homemade versions are sure to please all of the ghosts and goblins in your household. To eliminate the need for a candy thermometer when making candied popcorn and fudge, we’ve employed the use of marshmallow creme in place of corn syrup. Little ones will love creating their own candy skewers and older children will have a blast learning how to make their own cider gummies and chocolate fudge.

Cookies and Cupcakes

These spine-tingling baked goods will appeal to children young and old — especially when it comes to decorating. No icing bag? Place a resealable plastic bag inside a drinking glass, folding the edges of the bag over the rim of the glass. Scoop the icing into the bag with a spoon and spatula and remove the bag, twisting the top of the bag and sealing with a rubber band. Snip the bottom triangle off of the filled bag (begin with a very small cut, you can always make it larger once you begin to ice the cupcakes.) This method is extra-helpful if several colours of icing are being used or if the decorating is being done by young children.

Pumpkin Recipes

Nothing says Halloween like a jack-o’-lantern, which is why you’ll want to make these family-friendly, pumpkin-centric recipes to celebrate the spookiest of seasons. Many of these recipes call for canned pumpkin purée, but you can also make your own purée using roasted or boiled “sugar” or “pie” pumpkins. For even more seasonal fun, try making these ghoulish Halloween mummy sausage wraps — kids of all ages will enjoy wrapping the sausage “mummies” in store-bought crescent roll dough.