Best of: WW Soups

Perfect for meal prepping and keeping you toasty warm on winter days.
Published November 6, 2020

The soup recipes featured in this roundup are nourishing and filling, the perfect antidote for a cold Canadian winter day. You’ll rediscover recipes for classic soups that have stood the test of time and enjoy making WW-friendly soup recipes inspired by global cuisine. The best part about making soup at home? Many of these recipes can be doubled (or even tripled) for meal planning purposes. Always follow food safety storage tips, storing soup in the fridge for up to three days or in the freezer for up to three months.

Classic soups

The soups listed in this section are well-loved classics for a reason. Made from easy-to-find ingredients, these recipes come together quickly and appeal to a large audience. From WW’s signature 0 SmartPoints vegetable soup to split pea soup made with Canadian bacon, these classic recipes are light on the SmartPoints and heavy on familiar flavour.

Creamy soups

Many traditional creamy soup recipes call for heavy cream or full-fat sour cream, adding significant Smart Points to what is usually a vegetable-based soup. Unlike traditional creamy soups, the soup recipes listed below are thickened using silken tofu, evaporated milk, broth and/or pureed vegetables.

Soups with pasta and noodles

If you love slurping noodles, these nourishing and noodle-filled soups won’t disappoint! Featuring recipes inspired by cuisines from all over the world, these filling soups offer plenty of warmth in the form of pasta or noodles and boldly flavoured ingredients.

Slow cooker soups

Slow cookers give you the freedom to assemble a soup and then forget about it, whether that’s on a busy weekday or a leisurely weekend afternoon. Certain foods, such as ground meat, onions and garlic, benefit greatly if they’re quickly browned before the rest of the soup ingredients are added. Transfer the browned ingredients to the slow cooker manually or use an appliance with a built-in saute function.