21 flavour-packed burgers that fit into your budget

On WW, you can eat all the foods you love, including burgers!
Published 5 October 2020 | Updated 17 May 2022

If your idea of a barbecue involves tossing a pre-made beef patty on the BBQ, you may be missing out. We are all cooking at home more often these days so create your favourite burger at home.

Three tips to making your burger better:

  • Mixing up your meats can deliver extra flavour. For example consider skinless chicken breast or turkey. Or if you still prefer a beef burger, half the quantity of lean mince and replace with finely chopped mushrooms.

  • Consider your burger bun options. Go for a whole grain bun or skip the bun altogether and go for a mushroom like in our gluten-free chilli chicken mushroom bun burgers.

  • Load your burger with ZeroPoint foods including: fresh crunchy iceberg lettuce, tomato slices, canned pineapple rings and beetroot slices.