12 ways to make Brussels sprouts taste extra delicious

Get ready to roast, bake, sauté, and savor.

You know you’re an adult when the sight of Brussels sprouts on a restaurant menu makes you open your wallet and swoon. But you don’t have to dine out to enjoy delectable sprouts.

A ZeroPoint™ food on myWW+ Green, Blue, and Purple, Brussels sprouts deliver 4 grams of filling fiber per cup and are an excellent source of vitamins K and C. They also contain glucosinolates, a phytochemical with anti-inflammatory properties that may decrease the risk of certain cancers, according to a 2009 research published in the academic journal, Pharmacological Research

If the cruciferous vegetable’s health benefits don’t inspire you to eat them, these recipes should do the trick—and stoke your family’s appetite, too. Enjoy!