Cook Once, Eat All Week: Mediterranean Edition

You'll feel like you're in the Mediterranean—or at least like you've been granted a vacation from coming up with dinner ideas.
Published February 14, 2022

Each one of these recipes makes a big meal, but instead of straight-up leftovers, get help from grocery store extras to mix and match it all into fresh combos.

The Extras

Pita or baked pita chips (or make your own!)

Cooked orzo and/or rice

Fresh vegetable sticks




How to Mix and Match the Leftovers

Greek Shrimp Bowl: Toss some chopped salad in a bowl with shredded romaine. Top with a few warm shrimp, warm butter beans, and warm orzo. Crumble a few pita chips over top.

Chicken-Pasta Salad: Chop the cooled chicken and toss with cooked orzo. Add chopped salad and drizzle with salad dressing.

Easy Beef “Gyro:” Spoon the warmed beef into a pita; top with chopped salad and a drizzle of the dressing. Enjoy with a side of hummus or tzatziki and fresh veggie sticks.

Mediterranean Mezze Plate: Place a few warm shrimp, beans, and potatoes on a plate. Add tzatziki, hummus, toasted pita wedges, and fresh veggie sticks.

Greek Pita “Pizza:” Spread hummus on to a toasted pita, top with warmed beef, and chopped salad. Serve with a side of warmed beans.

A Few Things to Know

1. Track just the portion of what you eat from each recipe (i.e. half a serving of lemon-oregano grilled shrimp)—the WW app automatically defaults to 1 full serving, so just scroll to change this when you track—and track any extras as well.

2. All of these recipes double or triple easily if you want more of certain meals.

3. Leave the salad dressing separate; add when you serve the salad. Extra dressing is great for dips at other meals!

4. The potatoes re-crisp beautifully in the air-fryer or oven.