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20 grill recipes you’ll find in WW’s Year-Round Grilling cookbook

Bring the heat at your next barbecue with this un-grill-ievable menu.

Summer is all about friends, family, fun, and flippin’ food on the grill! For your next cookout, plan your ideal menu using recipes from WW's Year-Round Grilling cookbook.

It’s loaded with 110 deliciously charred, smoky, or caramelized dishes, plus expert grilling tips and tricks to ensure your next barbecue is well done (or medium rare).

To give you a little taste, we’re sharing our favorite starters, sides, mains, and desserts from the book below. Trying to eat less meat or switch to plant-based meals? There are options for vegetarian burger lovers too!

But before you fire up the grill, make sure to grab all the proper tools and products included in the WW Guide to Grilling to make the experience even easier.

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