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The centerpiece at every celebration? Food. In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we’re spotlighting stories and recipes that bring everyone together.

Meals with Meaning

Food is an expression of love. And in Asian cultures, it’s a deeply communal one. In place of mains and sides, dishes are shared. Meals are meant to deepen family bonds, create new friendships, and connect people with one another.

And yet this experience at the table stands in stark contrast to what the AAPI community has felt in the country at large. A survey from the policy research group AAPI Data found that one in six Asian Americans experienced a hate crime or incident in 2021—up from one in eight in 2020. WeightWatchers® stands for the well-being of everybody, and every body. So we join hands to support all in the AAPI community by celebrating their rich culinary heritages. Because sharing food isn’t just an act of love. It can be a radical act against hate.

Our Food, Our Selves

Two WW staffers share how their Asian American identities stoked a passion for cooking.

My Mother's Thai Cooking Wasn't Bad for Me—American Fad Diets Were

WW’s food director Sherry Rujikarn learns to embrace her culture in the kitchen—and let go of the restrictive diet noise that followed her for decades.

How This Recipe Developer’s Korean Heritage Inspires Her Culinary Creations

Award-winning food writer Ann Taylor Pittman finds a Southern upbringing and a Korean heritage are a recipe for food success.

WW’s Favorite Asian-Inspired Dishes

From spicy Korean chicken to savory Indian samosas, these easy-to-cook interpretations of authentic recipes offer something to satisfy every palate.