How PersonalPoints™ work

Let’s get personal. Our brand new algorithm guides you towards the healthiest choices.
Published 14 October, 2021
SmartPoints → PersonalPoints

Calories matter, but focusing on calories alone won’t help you reach your goals. And that’s what makes our new plan so groundbreaking. It nudges you towards foods that are higher in fibre, protein, and unsaturated fats and lower in added sugar and saturated fats. Short of getting a PhD in food science, it's the best way to establish healthier behaviour patterns, and the WW app does all the maths.

So how do PersonalPoints differ from SmartPoints® exactly?

apricots grilled halves with yogurt and honey
apricots grilled halves with yogurt and honey

The basics

  • Every food has a PersonalPoints value. It's a foolproof way to determine at a glance which foods are more nutritious. Knowing a food's PersonalPoints value helps you stay on track.

  • You can eat foods with any PersonalPoints value. Just because a food is higher in Points, doesn’t mean it’s “bad.” Having a healthy pattern of eating means balancing meals and snacks with foods that are higher or lower in Points.

  • You have a PersonalPoints Budget. Spend it all, save it up. It’s designed to flex. That Budget is made up of...

  • Daily Points. A starting point based on your metabolic rate and, of course, your goals!

  • Weekly Points. An extra cushion to use any which way you decide each week.

  • Rollovers. Up to four unused daily Points will automatically roll into your weeklies, so you can enjoy them on another day.

  • You can GROW your PersonalPoints Budget. Build healthy habits and add Points to your Budget by drinking water, eating non-starchy veggies, and moving more.

  • It's OK if you go a little over or under your daily Budget. That's what those weeklies and rollovers are for.

Curious what the PersonalPoints values are for your favourites? Head to the WW app and type any food into the search bar or use the barcode scanner.

apricots grilled halves with yogurt and honey