6 secrets for making the most of WW

Published 16 January, 2017

Our fab members share how they made the plan work for them. And how they stayed on track… 

1. ‘Be kind to yourself. Remember to live in the now.’ Lisa

2. ‘Stay positive. It’s a skill that requires nurturing, but it will help make your journey smoother. I start every Monday with a positive post on Instagram to set the tone for the week.’ Jimi

3. ‘Set small goals along the way.’ Caroline

4. ‘Get in the kitchen! Cooking doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. My food is always quick and affordable, and I love to cook for family and friends who don’t realise that what they’re eating is WW-friendly!’ Laura

5. ‘Remember that you can eat anything you want. Just keep it within your SmartPoints budget through tracking.’ Nigel

6. ‘It’s hard to do it alone, so get to a WW Workshop if you can – it’s crucial to get the support, advice and encouragement of others on the same journey. If you can’t get to a Workshop, check out the forums, Connect, or social media.’ Jennie