Connect guidelines

Published 22 August, 2023

Connect Guidelines

Welcome! We're so glad you've decided to participate in Connect. Members come to Connect for a dose of inspiration and a judgement-free community that supports building healthy habits. The rules below are intended to keep Connect a safe space to fuel your wellness journey. Posts that are or become divisive will be removed.

By participating, you're agreeing to observe all of our Connect Guidelines, which are part of our Terms and Conditions. If you fail to observe these guidelines, we reserve the right to remove any posts or comments and/or suspend or terminate your participation in Connect.

  1. BE KIND. Please be tolerant of everyone you meet, even if you disagree with their opinions. Look to encourage members on making progress, remember - we’re all in it together! Don't use language or visuals that other members may consider threatening, abusive, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically objectionable towards other members or towards the WW team. Threats of violence and the use of foul language as personal attacks will not be tolerated. If you disagree with another member’s opinions and would prefer not to see their posts, simply remove them from your feed by choosing “block member” - they won’t even know!
  2. SHARE POLITICS ON ANOTHER PLATFORM. We understand that politics are hotly debated in social media but keep in mind that members are coming to Connect for guidance and support in their wellness journey. Please don’t create posts that advance a political position. If you choose to talk about politics please clearly state how these issues are affecting your wellness journey, otherwise the post or comment may be removed. Other non-weight related posts are always allowed as long as they don’t violate these guidelines.
  3. KEEP IT CLEAN. Underwear pictures are allowed as long as their intent isn’t sexual and you can’t see full nipples, glutes or genitalia through the underwear. Please avoid content that exposes these areas or features sexually explicit material.
  4. DON'T ADVERTISE OR SPAM THE COMMUNITY. Please help keep our community commercial free. Don’t post links to ecommerce sites, fundraising efforts and charity drives, etc. Members are allowed to share products that have helped on their journey as long as it isn’t for personal monetary gain.  We aim to keep the Connect platform ad free.
  5. DON'T POST INFORMATION COPYRIGHTED BY OTHERS. Please be aware that if you post or link any copyrighted information, you may be held responsible by the information owner. WW® is not responsible for any posts that violate copyright laws. Copyrighted information may include content from another website, a recipe from a book, images, and Intellectual Property. If you see a recipe with Points®  values that another member has created, please know that WW® has not validated these points values.
  6. DON’T POST INFORMATION THAT VIOLATES THE PRIVACY OF OTHERS. Please be mindful of the privacy of others and don’t post anything that reveals someone’s personal information such as their full name, phone number, email or residential address, social security or credit card number, other member’s photos or any other information without their consent. WW® is not responsible for any of your own private information you choose to share with other members.


What should I do if I see something I disagree with?

If you see a post or comment you disagree with consider scrolling past it. Alternately, you can block the member by tapping on the three dot menu next to the username. In the future, these members posts and comments won’t show up on your feed. They also won’t be able to see your posts and comments. Don’t worry, they won’t know you’ve blocked them. 

What should I do if I see something that I think violates Connect Guidelines?

If you see a post or comment that violates any of the above rules please report it as inappropriate for our moderation team to review. If a post is inappropriate click on the three dot menu and tap "Report Post". If a comment is inappropriate, on iOS swipe left and on Android do a long press to report.

What should I do if I see someone that needs help?

If you think a Connect member needs help please click on the three dot menu and tap "Report Post" and choose option “Member may need help”. If it is a comment, on iOS swipe left and on Android do a long press to "Report Comment" and choose option “Member may need help”. Our customer care team will review and respond accordingly.