Why these 12 people chose WW over other weight loss plans

Here's why people choose to lose weight with WW.
Published 22 August, 2023

Before coming to WW, many of these members were on other plans which weren’t working out for them. Feeling hungry, deprived and uninspired, they ditched their restrictive diet plans, shakes and pills and headed over to WW to lose weight and build healthy habits for life.

Here’s what our members like best about WW:

We love...that nothing’s off the menu

Laura Meyer: I thought that eating a very small variety of plain foods meant I would lose weight. Not only was it an unhealthy approach, but it was also impossible to maintain. When I joined WW I realised I could eat all of the foods I loved, without missing out on anything: decent portions, flavour, even cheese, chorizo and alcohol. WW is truly a plan that allows an all-round healthier lifestyle which fits into your home and social life.

Tammy Langford: I tried and failed to lose weight calorie counting and following the 5:2 because I felt deprived and hungry all the time. Nothing is off limits with WW which is why I love it! To anyone thinking of signing up, the first step is the hardest one to make, but once you realise how supportive this community is you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner!

Rachael Kent: I have tried every weight loss programme under the sun and would always be left feeling hungry and missing out when my friends went out for dinner. These plans may have had short-term gain but they were totally unsustainable. This is where WW has changed my life – you can eat and drink whatever you like within your Points® Budget.

Elisha Langridge: WW works for me, and has done for the past 3+ years at goal, because it is far removed from diet culture. It’s an all encompassing lifestyle that’s given me the tools to learn that I don’t need to starve or punish myself when it comes to food. I can enjoy colourful, nourishing, tasty meals, as well as enjoying the foods I love in moderation.

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We love...losing weight and keeping it off

Helen Brown: I think I’ve tried every diet going! I’d been on a journey of yo-yo-ing through dress sizes for almost 20 years when finally something just clicked with WW. There is no quick fix and every time I tried an ‘emergency diet’ I regained the loss and even more! Walking into that first WW Workshop maybe daunting but honestly after the first one, you will appreciate that you are all there in combined force to support each other.

Helen Haythornthwaite: I used to deprive myself of the foods I loved in order to be the weight I wanted to be. It goes without saying that as soon as I started eating ‘normally’ again after following a restrictive diet plan, the pounds piled back on. For the first time in my life, I’m eating some amazing food while feeling happy, positive and comfortable with my body. Joining WW is definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done!

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We love...the flexibility

Helen Haythornthwaite: I joined WW as a Core member as a busy work schedule meant that I couldn’t get to a meeting nearby. The WW app is invaluable, whether you want to track food, find recipes, get support or meditate to help you relax. The online support has also been absolutely fantastic, especially through Connect and the WW community on Instagram.

Molly Scott: I definitely need the structure of a plan to keep me on track, but I hate rigid/prescriptive food plans. For me, WW is the perfect balance of structure (having a SmartPoints allowance) and choice (nothing’s off limits). WW really is the only plan that has worked for me long term.

Marie Louise Baker: The plan fits into my family so well. I can cook meals that are healthy which everybody still enjoys, and it teaches my children the foundations for a healthy lifestyle.

Julieanne Stewart: I have a busy job as a solicitor going to different courts and police stations etc. I love that I can fit WW around my job and a busy social life.

We love...the supportive community

Amy Minchin: WW has the most supportive and encouraging membership, with your whole wellness at the heart of it all. WW will be there for us, for life, not just until we reach a number on the scales and that support is invaluable.

Lynsey Tollerton: Previously I’ve always lost a few pounds and then thought I can do this myself, and always failed. I can’t do it without support of the WW community. For anyone thinking they can’t walk into a WW Workshop, remember every single person in that room knows exactly how you feel every single day - just go for it!

Marie Louise Baker: The WW community is just brilliant. I have been inspired by and met so many different people who continue to help me every step of the way. The WW Workshops are key for me, not just for being accountable to myself, but for the support. I couldn't be without it all now.

Molly Scott: To anyone thinking of joining, it’s not half as scary as you think. Everyone in the room has been exactly in the same place as you are now. You’ll be made to feel very welcome and unlike other groups, you don’t have to talk in front of anyone if you don’t want.

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We love...feeling good

Helen Brown: I love the plan, it’s totally reeducated me to make better choices without feeling deprived and to focus on how I FEEL rather than how I LOOK. I’m in this for the long term and really confident that I’ve got the tools to keep being the best and most content version of myself.

Claire McBeth: Before my WW Coach and I became friends, I’d tried boot camps, which resulted in me losing weight quickly. But I could never sustain it and always put the weight back on. I ended up with an unhealthy view of weight loss and even weighed myself several times a day. But Sharon helped me realise it’s not the number on the scales that counts, but feeling happier, healthier and more confident on the inside.