5 foolproof party tricks

With a bit of forward planning, you can enjoy all the good things on offer during the festive season while still making headway with your healthy goals. Here’s how…
Published 1 May, 2024

1. Do your research

Before eating out at a restaurant, check the menu online and find the Points® value of each dish using the WW app, then choose the healthiest option for you. Deciding what to order in advance will not only help you manage your Points Budget, it can also help you avoid the temptation to order a less healthy meal on the day. You could even track your choice in advance to save time.

2. Love lists

Planning is the name of the game here. Create a meal plan for the festive period that includes some favourites. Planning to spend a few of your Points on festive treats could make the Christmas period even merrier, especially if you use ZeroPoint™ foods to stretch your daily budget.

3. Prep like a pro

Before a busy period, stock your freezer with healthy and filling meals such as homemade soups, stews and traybakes. It will make evening meal prep a breeze when there’s a party to get to, and help you avoid relying on takeaways or ready meals when you’re short of time.

4. Use your weeklies

Don’t forget your weeklies! They’re there for those festive drinks or a slice of Christmas pud. You can roll over unused Points each day to boost your weeklies for those times you need a few extra.

5. Healthy options

If you’re invited to a buffet, why not go prepared with a plate of something healthy but delicious to put on the table? Check out the WW app for inspiring recipe ideas.

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