Jocelyn Shaw, WW Coach

Meet your onboarding guide—and member for nearly two decades!
Published 8 September, 2023

My wellness journey started almost 20 years ago when I immersed myself in activity and developed a consistent fitness routine. Then, in 2004, a friend invited me to join WW and I knew it was time to focus on my food choices. WW gave me the knowledge and structure to educate myself about nutrition, and the encouragement and support to make small, sustainable changes. I love how I feel when I take care of myself by eating foods that fuel my body, so I can be active and show up the way I want to. That’s my “why.” As a WW Coach, I help members discover what makes you happy.

I’m a college English professor and fitness fanatic. These days, my favourite ways to boost my Points® budget are rowing, strength training, and running. When I’m not in the gym or training for a half marathon, I love to read and watch documentaries. My favourite ZeroPoint™ foods are eggs and salmon and I love to make a ZeroPoint chilli like this one.