Weight loss & diet

Kitchen scales food list

Published 13 June, 2017

Food List (Foods in bold are ZeroPoint™ foods)

Alfalfa Sprouts
Alioli - Garlic Mayonnaise
Almonds Ground
Almonds Sugared
Anchovies in Oil Drained
Anchovies raw
Apple chutney
Apple Dried
Apple Sauce
Apricots Dried
Apricots Ready-to-Eat
Austrian Smoked Cheese
Avocado Pear
Bacon Back Raw
Bacon Medallions
Bacon Streaky Raw
Bacon, no fat, raw
Bagel Plain
Baked Beans
Baking Powder
Banana Chips Dried
Barbecue sauce
Beef Braising Steak Lean Cooked
Beef Braising Steak Lean Raw
Beef Braising Steak, cooked
Beef Brisket
Beef Burger, fried
Beef Dripping
Beef Extract
Beef Fillet Steak Lean Cooked
Beef Fillet Steak Raw
Beef Fillet Steak, raw
Beef Fore Rib Roasted
Beef Medallion Steak, Lean
Beef Mince Extra Lean 5% fat Raw
Beef Mince Lean 10% fat Raw
Beef Mince Raw
Beef Mince, Lean (10% fat), cooked
Beef Rump Steak Lean Raw
Beef Rump Steak Raw
Beef Silverside Lean Raw
Beef Silverside, cooked
Beef silverside, lean, roasted
Beef Sirloin Steak Lean Cooked 
Beef Sirloin Steak Lean Raw
Beef Stewing Steak Lean Raw
Beef Topside Raw
Beefburger Grilled
Beefburger Raw
Berries & Cherries, dried
Black Cherries in Syrup
Black Eyed Beans Cooked or Canned
Black Eyed Beans Dried

Black Pudding Dry Cooked
Blackberries stewed with Sugar
Blancmange powder
Bombay Mix
Borlotti Beans Cooked or Canned
Bran Flakes
Brazil Nuts
Bread Brown 
Bread Calorie Controlled
Bread Granary
Bread Roll Brown Crusty
Bread Roll Brown Soft
Bread Roll Gluten Free White 
Bread Roll Granary
Bread Roll Sesame Seed
Bread Roll White Crusty
Bread Roll White Soft
Bread Roll Wholemeal
Bread Sauce made with Semi-Skimmed Milk
Bread Sauce made with Whole Milk
Bread White 
Bread White Farmhouse
Bread White French Stick
Bread Wholemeal 
Bread, Premium, White
Bread, White, with added Fibre
Breadcrumbs Dried
Breadcrumbs Fresh
Bream Red or Black Cooked
Broad Beans
Brown Sauce
Bulgur Wheat Dried
Burger Bun
Butter Beans Cooked or Canned
Butter Half Fat
Candied Mixed Peel
Cannellini Beans Cooked or Canned
Cannelloni Tube, dry
Carob Powder
Cashew Nuts
Cashew Nuts Roasted & Salted
Caviar in Brine, Drained
Cereal, Wholegrain Wheat 
Chapati Flour Brown
Chapati Flour White
Chapati, made with fat
Chapati, made without fat
Cheddar Cheese
Cheddar Cheese Half Fat
Cheddar Vegetarian
Cheese Sandwich Biscuit
Cheese Slice
Cheese Slice Low Fat
Cheese Triangle
Cheese Triangle Low Fat
Cheshire Cheese
Chestnut Purée
Chevre Blanc Cheese
Chia seeds, dry
Chick Pea Flour 
Chick Peas Cooked or Canned
Chick Peas Dried
Chicken Breast Skinless Cooked
Chicken Breast Skinless Raw

Chicken Breast with Skin Cooked
Chicken Drumstick Skinless Cooked
Chicken Drumstick Skinless Raw
Chicken Drumstick with Skin Cooked
Chicken Leg Quarter with Skin Roasted
Chicken Leg raw, no skin, no bone
Chicken Leg Skinless Raw
Chicken Mince Raw
Chicken Mince, (Breast Only) raw
Chicken Roasted Skinless
Chicken Roasted with Skin
Chicken Roasted, Breast Meat only
Chicken Roll
Chicken Skin Cooked
Chicken Soup, Cream of, Canned
Chicken Thigh Skinless & Boneless Raw
Chicken Thigh with Skin Cooked
Chicken Wafer Thin
Chicken Wing with Skin Cooked
Chicken, Rotisserie,  Whole
Chilli Sauce
Chinese Pancake
Chips Home Made Thick Cut Fried
Chips Microwave
Chips Straight Cut Frozen Fried in oil
Chips Thick Cut Oven Baked
Chips Thick Cut Oven Baked Low Fat
Chips, Shop Bought Fried
Choc Ice
Chocolate Digestive
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Mousse, Low Fat
Chocolate nut spread
Chocolate Plain
Chocolate White
Chollah Bread
Chorizo Sausage
Clams in Brine Drained
Cockles in Vinegar

Cocoa Butter
Cocoa Powder
Coconut Creamed
Coconut Desiccated
Coconut Fresh
Coconut Ice
Cod Baked
Cod Raw

Cod Roe, battered
Cod Smoked Raw
Coleslaw Reduced Calorie
Coley Raw
Condensed Milk
Condensed Milk, Light
Corn Flakes
Corn Meal
Corn on the Cob
Corn Spaghetti, dry
Corned Beef
Cottage Cheese Plain
Cottage Cheese Plain Reduced Fat
Couscous Cooked
Couscous Dried
Couscous, cooked, Wholewheat
Couscous, dry, Wholewheat
Crab Canned in Brine
Crab Cooked

Crab Dressed
Cranberry Sauce
Cream Canned Spray
Cream Cheese
Cream Clotted
Cream Cracker
Cream Cracker Light
Cream of Tartar
Crème Caramel
Crème Frâiche
Crème Frâiche Half Fat
Crispbread Extra Thin
Crispbread Rye
Crisps, any flavour
Cucumber Raita
Currant bread
Currant Bun
Curry paste
Custard Cream
Custard Low Fat Ready to Serve
Custard Powder
Custard Ready to Serve
Danish Pastry
Date Dried
Digestive Biscuit
Digestive Biscuit Low Fat
Doner Kebab Meat
Double Gloucester
Doughnut Jam
Doughnut Ring
Dover Sole Whole Raw
Drinking Chocolate
Duck Breast Skinless Raw
Duck Breast with Skin Raw
Duck Breast with Skin Roasted
Duck Fat
Duck Leg Meat, Skinless, raw
Duck Leg with Skin Raw
Duck Meat Roasted 
Eccles Cake
Eel raw
Egg Custard Tart
Egg Duck
Egg Quail
Egg White
Egg Whole
Egg Yolk

Fennel Seeds
Feta cheese, Light
Fig Dried
Fig Roll
Fish Finger Cod Grilled
Flaked Rice
Flan Case, Large
Flan Case, Medium
Flan Case, Pastry, Shortcrust
Flour Brown
Flour Plain White
Flour Self Raising White
Flour Strong White Breadmaking
Flour Wholemeal
Frankfurter Regular
Frogs Legs, Raw
Fromage Frais Plain
Fromage Frais Very Low Fat Plain
Fromage Frais, Fat Free Fruit 
Frosted Flakes
Frozen Yogurt, Plain, Low Fat
Fruit & Fibre cereal
Fruit Cake, Plain (no icing)
Fruit Cake, Rich, Iced
Fruit cocktail in syrup
Gammon Ham Joint Boiled
Gammon Ham Joint Raw
Gammon Steak Raw
Garibaldi Biscuit
Garlic Sausage
Ghee Butter
Ghee Vegetable
Gingernut Biscuit 
Glacé Cherries
Gluten Free Bread Brown
Gluten Free Bread White
Gnocchi Fresh
Goat Raw
Goat's Cheese
Goat's Cheese Soft Medium Fat
Golden syrup
Goose Roasted
Gooseberries stewed with Sugar
Gravy Granules Dry
Grenadine Syrup, Undiluted
Grouper Raw
Guinea Fowl Raw
Haddock Cooked
Haddock Raw

Haddock Smoked & Cooked
Haddock Smoked Raw
Haddock, battered & fried
Haggis Cooked
Hake Cooked
Hake Raw
Halibut Cooked

Halloumi Light
Ham Canned
Ham Premium
Ham Prepacked
Ham Wafer Thin
Haricot Beans Cooked or Canned
Haricot Beans Dried

Haslet Pork
Herring Raw
Herring Roe Soft Fried
Herring Roe Soft Raw
Hoisin sauce
Hoki Cooked
Hoki Raw

Horseradish Sauce
Hot Cross Bun
Houmous Reduced Fat
Ice Cream Flavoured
Ice Cream Low Fat
Ice Cream Vanilla
Icing Ready to Roll
Jaffa Cake
Jam Low Calorie
Jam Tart
Jellied Eels
Jelly made with Water
Jelly, Ready to Eat
John Dory
Kangaroo Steak, Raw
Kidney Beans Cooked or Canned
Kidney Beans Dried

Kidney Pigs Cooked
Kidney Pigs Raw
King Prawns Cooked
King Prawns Raw

Kipper Grilled
Kipper Raw
Lamb Boneless Leg Steak Lean Raw
Lamb Breast, Lean, roasted
Lamb Breast, roasted
Lamb Chump Chop Boneless Raw
Lamb Kidneys Raw
Lamb Leg Lean Raw with bone
Lamb Leg Lean Roasted
Lamb Leg Raw
Lamb Leg Roasted
Lamb Loin Chop Raw
Lamb Mince Lean less than 16% Fat Raw
Lamb Mince Raw
Lamb Neck Cutlet, Boneless, raw
Lamb Neck Fillet Raw
Lamb Rack with Bone Raw
Lamb Shank with Bone Raw Meat Only
Lamb Shoulder Lean Raw
Lamb Shoulder Lean Roasted
Lambs Heart, raw
Lambs Heart, roasted
Lancashire Cheese
Lasagne sheet, dry
Lemon Curd
Lemon Sole Cooked
Lemon Sole Raw

Lemon Sorbet
Lentils Green & Brown Whole Cooked
Lentils Green & Brown Whole Dried
Lentils Split Red Cooked
Lentils Split Red Dried

Liver Calves Raw
Liver Lambs Raw
Liver Pigs Raw
Liver Sausage
Livers Chicken Raw
Lobster Cooked meat only
Low Fat Spread
Lychees in Syrup
Lymeswold Cheese
Macadamia Nuts
Mackerel in Brine
Mackerel in Oil
Mackerel in Tomato Sauce
Mackerel Raw
Mackerel Smoked
Madeira Cake
Malt Extract
Malt Loaf
Malted Milk Biscuit
Mango Chutney
Mango Dried
Mango in syrup
Mangosteen in syrup
Maple syrup
Maraschino Cherries
Margarine Hard 
Margarine Soft
Marmalade Reduced Sugar
Matzo Meal
Mayonnaise Reduced Fat
Melba Toast
Meringue Nest
Milk Shake Powder
Millet, Raw
Mint Jelly
Mint Sauce
Mixed Dried Fruit
Monkfish Cooked
Monkfish Raw

Mozzarella Light
Muffin English White
Muffin English Wholemeal
Mullet Grey Cooked
Mullet Grey Raw
Mullet Red Cooked
Mullet Red Raw

Mushroom Soup, Cream of, Canned
Mushrooms, Creamed
Mussels Cooked Meat Only
Mussels weighed with Shells

Mustard Coarse Grain
Mustard Dijon
Mustard Powder
Mustard Wholegrain
Natural Yogurt, Whole Milk 
Noodles Egg cooked
Noodles Egg Dried
Noodles Rice Dried
Nut Cutlet
Oat Bran
Oats Jumbo
Oats Porridge
Olives in Brine drained
Ox Liver, raw
Oxtail Raw
Oxtail Soup, canned
Oysters Flesh Only Raw
Oysters with Shells Raw

Pancake, Savour, made with Whole Milk
Pancake, Sweet, made with Whole Milk
Parma Ham
Partridge Cooked
Pasta Corn Dried
Pasta Fresh Cooked
Pasta Fresh Uncooked
Pasta White Cooked
Pasta White uncooked
Pasta Wholewheat Cooked
Pasta Wholewheat uncooked
Pastry Filo Raw
Pastry Puff Block
Pastry Puff Ready Rolled Sheets
Pastry Shortcrust Block
Pastry Shortcrust Ready Rolled Sheets
Peanut Butter Crunchy
Peanut Butter Reduced Fat
Peanut Butter Smooth
Peanuts Dry Roasted
Peanuts Plain
Peanuts, Roasted and Salted
Pear, dried
Pearl Barley Dried
Peas Canned Drained
Peas Fresh or Frozen
Peas Petits Pois

Pecan Nuts
Pesto Sauce
Pesto Sauce, Green
Pesto Sauce, Red
Pheasant Roasted Meat Only
Pickle Sweet
Pigeon Cooked
Pigeon Meat only Raw
Pike Raw
Pilchards in Brine Drained

Pilchards in Tomato Sauce
Pine Nut Kernels
Pitta Bread White
Pitta Bread Wholemeal
Pizza Base Mix
Plaice Cooked
Plaice Raw

Plums stewed with Sugar
Polenta Raw
Pollock Raw
Pomegranate Molasses
Popcorn Microwave Butter Flavour
Popcorn Oil Popped
Popcorn Salted
Popcorn Sweet
Popping Corn Uncooked
Poppy Seeds
Pork Belly Slices Raw
Pork Chitterlings, raw
Pork Crackling
Pork Escalope Raw
Pork Fillet Lean Cooked
Pork Fillet Lean Raw
Pork Joint Shoulder Boneless Lean Roasted
Pork Leg Joint Lean Roasted
Pork Leg Joint Roasted
Pork Leg Joint, raw
Pork Leg, Bone in, raw
Pork Leg, Boneless, raw
Pork Loin Steak Lean Grilled
Pork Loin Steak lean Raw
Pork Mince Extra Lean 5% Fat Raw
Pork Mince Lean 10% Fat Raw
Pork Mince Raw
Pork Shoulder No Bone Lean Raw
Pork Spare Ribs Cooked with Bone
Pork Spare Ribs Raw with Bone
Pork Spare Ribs, Meat only, cooked
Pork Spare Ribs, Meat only, raw
Pork Tenderloin Raw
Porridge, cooked with water
Port Salut 
Potato Baked Cooked
Potato Boiled
Potato Cake
Potato Croquette
Potato Instant Mash Made up with water
Potato Mashed Plain
Potato Mashed with Margarine
Potato salad
Potatoes New Raw
Potatoes Raw
Potatoes Roasted in Oil
Potatoes, Roast, Oven Ready Roast 
Potatoes, roasted in lard
Prawns Peeled & Cooked
Prawns Raw

Prunes in syrup
Pudding Rice Short Grain Dry
Puffed Wheat no added sugar or salt
Pumpernickel bread
Pumpkin Seeds
Quail Raw
Quinoa dry
Quorn Burger
Quorn Fillet
Quorn Mince
Quorn Pieces

Quorn Sausage
Rabbit Raw meat only
Rabbit, cooked
Raspberries in syrup
Raspberry sorbet
Red Leicester 
Red Leicester Half Fat
Red Snapper Raw
Redcurrant Jelly
Rhubarb in syrup
Rhubarb stewed with Sugar
Rice Brown Cooked
Rice Brown Uncooked
Rice Cakes
Rice Krispies
Rice Pudding
Rice Pudding, Low Fat
Rice White Arborio Uncooked
Rice White Basmati Uncooked
Rice White Easy Cook Cooked
Rice White Easy Cook Uncooked
Rice White Long Grain Uncooked
Rich Tea Biscuit
Rich Tea Biscuit, Reduced Fat 
Roll Mop Herring
Rye Bread 
Sago, Dried
Salad cream
Salad cream, Light
Salmon Cooked
Salmon Pink Drained
Salmon Raw
Salmon Red Drained 

Salmon Smoked
Sardines in Brine Drained
Sardines in Oil Drained
Sardines in Tomato Sauce
Sardines Whole Cooked
Sardines Whole Raw

Sausage Beef Cooked
Sausage Beef Raw
Sausage Pork Raw
Sausage Pork Reduced Fat CKD
Sausage Vegetarian
Sausages, Pork, Grilled
Scallops Cooked
Scallops Raw

Scampi in Breadcrumbs
Scone Fruit
Scone Plain
Scone Wholemeal
Scotch Pancake
Sea Bass Cooked
Sea Bass Raw
Sea Bream Cooked
Sea Bream Raw

Seafood Marie Rose Sauce
Semolina Dried
Sesame Seeds
Shortbread, All Butter
Shrimps Cooked
Shrimps Raw
Skate  Raw
Skate Cooked

Skimmed Milk powder with added Fat
Skimmed milk powder, dried
Soda Bread Brown
Soft Cheese low fat less than 5% fat
Soft Cheese Medium Fat
Soya Beans Cooked or Canned
Soya Beans Dried
Soya Chunks

Soya Flour Full Fat
Soya Flour Low Fat
Soya Mince 
Soya Spread 
Spaghetti Canned in Tomato Sauce
Spelt, dry
Spinach Noodles, dry
Sponge Cake, Plain
Sponge Finger
Spring Roll Wrapper
Squid Raw
Strawberries in syrup
Stuffing Mix
Suet Dumplings
Sugar Caster
Sugar Demerara
Sugar Icing
Sugar Light Brown
Sugar Muscovado
Sugar White
Sultana bran
Sun Dried Tomato Paste
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Sunflower Seeds
Sweet chilli sauce
Sweet Kombu
Sweet Potato
Sweetcorn Creamed
Sweetcorn Relish
Swordfish Cooked
Swordfish Raw

Taco Shell
Tahini Sesame Paste
Tapioca Dried Mix
Tartare sauce
Teriyaki Sauce
Thin & Crispy Pizza Base
Thousand Island Dressing, Reduced Fat 
Thousand Island Salad Dressing
Tiger Prawns Cooked
Tiger Prawns Raw
Tilapia Raw
Tofu Regular
Tofu Smoked

Tomato based pasta sauce
Tomato Chutney
Tomato ketchup
Tomato Pizza Topping
Tomato Soup, Cream of, Canned
Tortilla chips
Tortilla soft
Treacle black
Trifle Sponge
Trout Rainbow Cooked
Trout Rainbow Raw
Trout Raw

Trout Smoked
Tuna in Brine Drained
Tuna in Oil Drained
Tuna in Springwater Drained
Tuna Raw
Turbot Cooked
Turbot Raw

Turkey Breast Fillet Cooked
Turkey Breast Skinless Raw

Turkey Escalope in Breadcrumbs Raw
Turkey Mince Raw
Turkey Mince, (Breast Only) raw
Turkey Rasher
Turkey Roasted Meat Only
Turkey Roasted, Breast Meat only
Turkey Steak Raw

Turkey Thigh Cooked
Turkey Thigh Diced Raw
Turkey Wafer Thin
Turkey with Skin Roasted
Veal Escalope Raw
Vegetable Crudités
Vegetable Soup, Canned
Venison Haunch, raw
Venison Roasted
Very Low Fat Spread
Vienna Sausage
Walnut Halves
Water Biscuit
Wheatbran Dried
Wheatgerm Bread
Wheatgerm Dried
Whelks Cooked
Whitebait, fried
Whiting Cooked 
Whiting Raw

Whole Chicken, raw
Wild Boar, Raw
Wild Boar, Roasted
Winkles Cooked
Yeast Extract
Yeast, Dried
Yellow Split Peas Dried
Yogurt, Greek Style, Plain
Yogurt, Greek, 0% Fat
Yogurt, Greek, Plain
Yogurt, Low Fat, Fruit
Yogurt, Low Fat, Plain
Yogurt, Soya
Yogurt, Virtually Fat Free, Fruit
Yogurt, Virtually Fat Free, Plain
Yorkshire pudding(s), homemade