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Every day that you track and stay within your SmartPoints budget, you’ll earn a blue dot in your Tracker. See how many blue dots you can get and share your success on Connect with #bluedotchallenge.
Published 17 February, 2020

Nobody eats the exact same thing every day. Some days you might be over your SmartPoints Budget, other days under. Either way, it’s OK! The Tracking Zone takes your daily Budget and adds a little wiggle room in both directions, which goes to show that you don’t need to be ‘perfect’ to stay on track. For every day you’re in the Zone, you’ll get a blue dot on the My Day screen in your WW app. Here’s how it works:


  1. Open the app and discover your Tracking Zone. Every day you stay within the zone will be marked with a blue dot.
  2. At the top of My Day, you can see how many blue dots you’ve gained this week. You can swipe right to view previous weeks, and see what you tracked on days that you did or didn’t earn a blue dot. This makes it easy to see what’s working for you.
  3. If you tap the Wellness Wins icon, you can scroll to view your days in the Tracking Zone. The arrow shows a snapshot of your whole month, so you can see how things have changed over time. Is what you’re doing still working for you, or is it time to switch it up?
  4. Visit Connect and search #bluedotchallenge for tips and tricks on staying in the Tracking Zone. Find inspiration from others, or add your own tips or comments – you never know who you’ll inspire along the way.