24 Zero-SmartPoints Dinner Recipes that Won't Leave You Feeling Deprived

No SmartPoints left? No problem. These delicious dishes don’t require a single daily.
Published February 20, 2019

So you splurged on a high-SmartPoints® breakfast and lunch and found yourself snacking all day. And now? Your dailies are gone and it's dinnertime. You're hungry. What now?

While you could easily order a pizza and promise to get back on track tomorrow, you don't have to ditch your best intentions and suffer a setback just because you blew through your daily (or weekly) WW Freestyle™ Budget.

Enter, ZeroPoint™ foods, the more than 200 ingredients you don't have to measure or track on WW Freestyle. Greek yogurt, seafood, and produce like carrots and corn can be great on their own—they fill you up and are unlikely to be overeaten. But when you combine them? These foods can come together to make quite the meal.

For guidance when indecision, impatience, and the grumbles compel you to order in, keep the recipe list below handy: It features loads of delectable entrée ideas featuring every main under the sun. ZeroPoint ground turkey? You got it. Chicken breasts? Bet you've never had them like this before.

Even if you're feeding a vegan or avoiding meat yourself, you'll find a filling meal that deserves a spot in your regular rotation—no SmartPoints required!