45 of our best Christmas recipes ever!

Out of 100s of Christmas recipes, check out our favourites that are tried, tested and treasured.
Published 2 December 2020 | Updated 14 October 2022

With so many Christmas recipes to choose from, we've hand-picked our favourites that will have your guests going back for more!

This Christmas, try glazing your own ham. Our recipe for orange glazed ham with grilled peaches adds the perfect sweet flavour to a Christmas ham.

Christmas pudding is a traditional dessert for most families. Try our WeightWatchers® recipe for individual muffin sized Christmas puddings. They're filled with dried fruit, almond meal, and spices and don't require a long cooking time.

Eggnog is a popular milk and egg-based drink consumed around colder places of the world at Christmas time. With a modern Australian twist we have turned the warm version into an ice-cream, appropriate for an Aussie summer Christmas! With rich flavours of maple syrup, dark rum, and nutmeg, our eggnog ice-creams will keep you in the chilled festive spirit.

White Christmas is a popular dessert made on glacé cherries, desiccated coconut, icing sugar, milk powder, rice bubbles, and copha. It's usually very high in Points so our WW food editors have taken the flavours of a white Christmas slice and created a healthier bite-sized bliss ball version. Our white Christmas bliss balls have become a popular member favourite. Find out why, by making a batch as a Christmas gift or keeping them for you to enjoy!