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Anna Van Dyken's new WW Cookbook

Following the success of Anna's first cookbook, Anna has written a second cookbook filled with more that 90 new recipes and tips for how she has maintained her weight loss. On sale 28th of September 2021 at major bookstore retailers.

Anna's second cookbook: How I've kept the weight off

WW phenomenon Anna Van Dyken lost 70 kilograms - half her body weight - in 2016, achieving her goal weight over a remarkable four-year journey.

Fast-forward to 2021 and Anna has maintained her goal weight for five years. Now she shares her tips and tricks for weight loss maintenance, as well as more than 90 new recipes for long-term success.

Inspiring us to invest in our health for life, Anna shares her sustainable habits for keeping the weight off, including:

- Anna's top habits for maintaining weight loss

- The 10 truths to weight maintenance success

- Anna's go-to foods

- Anna's kitchen hacks

- Quick breakfast and snack ideas for busy lives.

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On sale 28th of September 2021 at major bookstore retailers


Anna's first cookbook: 50% weight lost 100% healthier

Anna's successful first cookbook reached #1 non-fiction bestseller, #1 lifestyle bestseller and #4 overall bestseller. Inside Anna shares her sustainable healthy habits for real life, as well as over 120 recipes that are:

- Quick to cook

- Uncomplicated

- Budget-friendly

- Full of flavour

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