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24 SmartPoints-friendly recipes to satisfy any seafood fan

If you've ever said, "I should eat more fish," but didn't know what to cook, this guide is for you.
Published June 9, 2016

Fish and seafood are not only delicious; they're great sources of protein and other key nutrients. What's more, making seafood dishes at home doesn't have to be fussy or complicated. Here's how some popular seafood types are commonly prepared:

  • Small fish meant to be eaten whole. Most of these are fried, broiled, or grilled—think sardines or porgy.
  • Thin-fleshed fish. These cook quickly, best in a skillet for a fast sauté, on baking sheets for oven-frying, or in packets in the oven. Examples include flounder, tilapia, and sole.
  • Thick-fleshed fish. These are great for broiling, grilling, braising, and stewing. Try halibut or cod.
  • Fish steaks. These are cut from large fish. They’re best on the grill or under the broiler, with an aromatic or spicy rub—swordfish and tuna are good examples.

The two dozen recipes below can help you boost your seafood intake in wonderfully tasty ways. Dive in!