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24 SmartPoints-Friendly Recipes to Satisfy Any Seafood-Lover

If you find yourself saying, "I should eat more fish," but don't know what to cook, look no further.

Fish and seafood are zero SmartPoints® value foods. Which is fantastic — because fish and seafood are great sources of protein and flavorful. Use this guide to determine what type of fish to cook: 

  • Small fish you eat whole. Most of these are fried, broiled or grilled.
  • Thin-fleshed fish. These cook fast, best in a skillet for a quick sauté, on baking sheets for oven-frying or in packets in the oven.
  • Thick-fleshed fish. These are great for broiling, grilling, braising and stewing.
  • Fish steaks. These are cut from large fish. They’re best on the grill or under the broiler, with an aromatic or spicy rub.

Whichever one you choose, find a recipe below to try.