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These Recipes Prove Grilled Fruit is the Perfect Summer Dessert

Give your next cookout the sweet ending it deserves.
Published May 21, 2020

Sure, your grill can perfectly char a T-bone steak, but have you considered using it to make a delightful fruit dessert? A few minutes over flames is all it takes to amp up the taste of fresh fruit—sweet news if fruit is one of your ZeroPoint™ foods. Fruits’ natural sugar caramelizes when exposed to intense heat, deepening the flavor for an easy, delicious ending to your backyard cookouts. 

Large pieces of fruit—such as pineapple rings, halved peaches, and halved bananas in their skins—are fine to just toss on the grate. Smaller chunks that could fall through, such as mango cubes or strawberries, are best grilled on skewers. Whatever fruit you’re grilling, just be sure the grate is clean. You wouldn’t want your bananas to taste like burgers!


Leslie Fink, MS, RD, has been working at WW for 20 years. In addition to her role as a nutritionist and recipe editor, she works on food and program development for a variety of projects.

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