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10 PersonalPoints™-Friendly French Fry Recipes That Totally Hit the Spot

Forget fast food and whip up these homemade alternatives, instead.

Sometimes you just need a French fry. (OK, a few!). While a small order of fast food fries can fit into your PersonalPoints® Budget, the rest of your drive-thru order could make a significant dent in your weeklies—and the same goes for the fries served at sit-down restaurants, where serving sizes can be huge. 

Enter, homemade fries! Spoiler: You don't have to start with potatoes. Beginning with a ZeroPoint™ ingredient like carrots, green beans, or eggplant, can carve PersonalPoints off your plate without sacrificing a bit of crispy, salty satisfaction. And if you're after the classic tater taste? There's a variation for you! No matter which recipe you choose, the key is to bake in the oven rather than cooking in a deep fryer; the final product will be better for you and no less bite-worthy.


10 Recipes to Try When You Need Fries