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How to recreate the Pizza Express menu at home

From their supermarket range to home-cooked WW recipes, here's how to bring the Pizza Express menu to your dining room table.
Published 16 January, 2020

Serve up the Pizza Express menu at home


If you fancy pizza but the prospect of leaving the house is less than thrilling, Pizza Express has a supermarket range with SmartPoints®-friendly options.

So put on your pjs, throw a pizza in the oven and pour yourself a glass of wine - it's time for a cosy night in!


Cook at home pizzas


Great news: no matter which customised myWW™ food plan you're on, many of the classic pizzas in the Pizza Express supermarket range work with your SmartPoints Budget.

If you're on Purple, some may push you over your daily SmartPoints (SP) Budget, so tap into your weeklies (that's what they're there for, after all) or save up some rollovers. 

For some of the larger pizzas, you may prefer to share with a friend or family member for all the taste but half the SmartPoints.

Find out more about weeklies and rollovers

Classic Margherita: 20SP for 1 pizza on all plans

Classic Gluten-Free Margherita: 22SP for 1 pizza on all plans

Classic Vegan Giardiniera: 18SP for 1 pizza on all plans

Classic American Hot (265g): 20SP for 1 pizza on all plans

Classic American (490g): 18SP for half a pizza on all plans

Classic Sloppy Giuseppe (650g): 18SP for half a pizza on all plans

Can't find what you're looking for? Use the barcode scanner in the WW app to check the SmartPoints values as you shop.




We love the Pizza Express Leggera range (lighter versions of their pizza, pasta dishes and dressings).

All dressings in the Leggera range have at least 30 per cent less saturated fat than the Pizza Express standard dressings, so whether you use them as dips or to dress salads, choosing from the Leggera range can save you SmartPoints. Find them in Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Ocado!

Leggera Fat Free Vinaigrette (30ml serving): 1SP on all plans

Leggera Fat Free Chilli & Garlic Dressing (15ml serving): 1SP on all plans

Leggera Pomegranate & Balsamic Dressing (15ml serving): 1SP on all plans

Leggera Light Avocado Dressing (15ml serving): 1SP on all plans

Pizza Express-style WW recipes


If you'd prefer to cook, we have plenty of Italian recipes in the app and on our website. Sign up for recipes at your fingertips in our 4.8* rated app. 

Scroll down for a taste of what's on offer.