Healthy breakfast recipes

Start your day right with these nourishing and healthy breakfast ideas full of the fuel our body needs to get the most out of each day. From protein-filled eggs, oats and fresh fruits and veggies we’ve got you covered with tasty brekkie ideas.
Published 4 February 2019 | Updated 24 August 2023
Veggie hash with poached eggs

Healthy breakfast ideas to start your day right

A balanced breakfast is key to beginning your day on the right foot. These recipes have been carefully crafted to include a variety of food groups, such as vegetables, whole grains, high-fibre cereals, and protein. Each meal is packed with nutrients and will keep you feeling full and energised throughout the day. Remember, it's crucial to maintain a healthy balance of all the different food groups. Looking for a simple option? Try shaking up a plain bowl of Weet-bix by adding berries, orange zest, pecans, and 99% fat-free plain yoghurt to create a quick fruit trifle.

Helpful tip: Stock the pantry with healthy breakfast basics

Select healthy breakfast cereals to keep in the pantry. You’re less likely to skip breakfast if something quick and easy is always close at hand. Good choices include traditional rolled oats, bran cereals, wheat biscuits and untoasted muesli. They’ll stay fresher for longer if you transfer them into airtight containers.

As well as beating mid-morning hunger and boosting your levels of physical and mental energy, breakfast can also increase your nutrient intake. Wholegrain cereals, combined with fresh fruits and topped with 99% fat-free yoghurt, are packed with minerals like calcium and folate, as well as protein, carbohydrates and other vital nutrients.