Healthy breakfast recipes

Start your day right with these nourishing and healthy breakfast ideas full of the fuel our body needs to get the most out of each day. From protein-filled eggs, oats and fresh fruits and veggies we’ve got you covered with tasty brekkie ideas.
Published 4 February 2019

Wake up to these healthy breakfast ideas

The following recipes have been nutritionally checked to ensure they are balanced and full of a variety of food groups. These include serves of vegetables, wholegrains, high fibre cereals and protein. It is important to eat a healthy balance of all the different food groups across each day and breakfast is no exception. Filled with fresh wholesome ingredients these breakfast options are packed with nutrients and are sure to kick-start your day off right.

Looking for something simple? Shake up a plain bowl of Weet-bix by turning it into a quick fruit trifle with berries, orange zest, pecans and 99% fat-free plain yoghurt.