Top 25 Canadian Member Recipes for September

Our members’ top recipes to keep you inspired
Published August 24, 2021

As autumn approaches and back-to-school season begins, there’s never been a better time to hit reset on your goals than in September. Looking for inspiration? This collection of recipes features our members’ top recipe picks for main dishes, plant-based snacks, satisfying sweets, and everything in between!

Plant-based Snacks and Mains

These filling plant-based recipes are packed with flavourful, high-fibre ingredients the whole family will enjoy. Canned beans and lentils make quick work out of meal prep; if you plan on using canned chickpeas be sure to save the leftover liquid so you can make an aquafaba-based chocolate mousse or a vegan peach no-churn ice cream. Baked falafels, corn fritters, and smoky bean and barley burgers are ideal for freezing and reheating (for best results, freeze items separately and then store in a large resealable bag.) If you enjoy our recipe for ranch and garlic-spice crispy kale chips, then you’ll want to try these equally-delectable cheesy kale crisps.

Main Dishes

Featuring lightened up versions of family-approved favourites as well as recipes inspired by international cuisine, this mouth-watering selection is sure to please. Stocking up on versatile pantry staples, such as balsamic vinegar, black bean paste, rice vinegar, chili paste, salsa and canned tuna, as well as frozen poultry and other proteins, means you’re never more than 30 minutes away from a home cooked meal. With these recipes, we’ve opted for convenience items like commercially prepared sauerkraut, pretzels, canned chipotle peppers, and kimchi to add big flavour and a satisfying texture without any extra effort.

Sweet and Simple Snacks and Desserts

The perfect combination of sweet and easy-to-make, these favourite WW recipes are equally as ideal when enjoyed as an energizing morning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up as they are for dessert. Our recipe for two-ingredient dough is endlessly customizable and couldn’t be easier to make thanks to its short ingredient list. Once you’ve tried the original recipe, be sure to check out these delicious variations on the classic two-ingredient dough ratio: turkey pepperoni pizzas, apple turnovers, vegan pretzels, and ice cream cupcake bites.