Fruit salad recipes

Enjoy these colourful fruit salads that make the most of fresh summer produce.
Published 13 January 2019 | Updated 19 April 2024
Fruit salad with honey citrus syrup

Summertime is when all your favourite fruits come into season! Mangoes, fresh berries and watermelon taste great on their own but give them a little pizzazz with our summer fruit salads.

Tips for making a healthy and delicious fruit salads:

1. Use what's in seasons. It's always best to use what is in season and summer fruit salads are no exception. The best news is there is an abundance of fresh fruits that are in season throughout summer meaning you can create delicious fruit salads all summer long. Fruits like mangos, berries, pineapple, cherries, peaches, plums, oranges and many more.

2. Add fruits like banana just before serving. Banana slices get soft and go brown so best to add last.

3. Toss your fruit salad with a little lemon juice to help protect the fruit from turning brown not to mention adding a fresh citrus flavour.

4. Add fresh herbs. Mint especially goes well with melon and citrus, while basil works well with berries.

5. Top your fruit salad with ZeroPoint 99% fat-free yoghurt or why not try a dollop of low-fat ricotta cheese, a pinch of ground cinnamon and a few drops of vanilla extract.