Your 7-day dinner plan: Big, bold flavors

With this week's dinners, add new flavors to old favorites with these seven flavor-packed recipes.

If your dinner routine is in a rut, try shaking things up with recipes featuring plenty of flavor. A great way to experiment in the kitchen and incorporate new tastes into your dinner repertoire is to start with a more familiar dish or ingredient then add or swap in different spices and seasonings.

If you love chicken tacos, try our recipe that gives them the birria treatment. Birria, a dish originally from Jalisco, Mexico, has gained popularity recently in saucy, cheesy taco form. The corn tortillas are dipped in a smoky chili sauce before being crisped in a hot pan and filled with chicken that's been braised in the same red sauce.

Steak sandwiches sound ordinary until you realize these get a double dose of extra flavor when the toasted bread gets rubbed with a clove of fragrant garlic before being topped with broiled steak and a jalapeno-flecked avocado salsa. For even more flavor, cook the steak on a charcoal or gas grill.

Say bye-bye to boring baked chicken breast. Inspired by a New York deli classic, we've used potent everything bagel seasoning as a crunchy coating, plus tangy scallion cream cheese as a filling for mild-mannered chicken. Can't find pre-made everything bagel seasoning? Put together your own by combining dried minced onion, kosher salt, poppy seeds, and sesame seeds (yup, that's the secret recipe!).

Dive in and discover a unique flavor combo that's sure to become your new favorite—and is anything but bland.