Top Dogs

Turn an American classic into more than a ho-hum cookout staple. We've taught these old dogs some tasty new tricks.
Published July 11, 2016

You'll find a delicious set of hot dog recipes below, but if you want to play with different all-American combos, get to know "the classics" from around the country!

Chicago: Two givens: (1) poppy seed bun and (2) dill pickle spear in the bun with the dog. From there, chopped tomatoes, minced onion, or yellow mustard are your options.

Cleveland: Creamy coleslaw, barbecue sauce, and fries go inside the bun with the link.

Detroit: After slathering in chili, top with chopped onion. Mustard in the bun before the chili is optional.

New York: Ask any vendor and he'll tell you brown mustard and sauerkraut. Anything else, and you're a tourist.

Seattle: Split the hot dog lengthwise and smear with cream cheese. Set in bun with chopped onion, bell pepper, and/or shredded cabbage. Douse with hot red pepper sauce and serve with an antacid.

Tucson: Wrap links in bacon before grilling; afterward top with grilled onions and bell pepper slices.