Success Stories

Ty: After losing more than 5st, I’m heart healthy

Suffering a frightening cardiac arrest was all the motivation Ty needed to improve his lifestyle for good
Published 4 September, 2018
"I’m maintaining my weight loss and celebrating the new, slimmer, healthier me. "

Start weight: 17st 13lb | Weight loss: 5st 7lb 
Current weight: 12st 9lb 
Height: 5' 10" |  Age: 47
Studio: Kempshott Village Hall, Basingstoke
Wellness Coach: Vanda Williams 

The weight crept on

When I was younger, I was active and ate well, but as I got older, I found myself working long hours, snacking at my desk and not making time to exercise. By the time I met my now wife Margaret, my weight had crept up to 14st, and I gained even more as we fell into the habit of enjoying too many takeaways, extra helpings and nights out together.

Health issues

In 2014, I was diagnosed with a weak heart muscle and advised to stop drinking alcohol and take up a low-impact sport. It was a struggle, but I dug out my old bike and started going on rides. It was a relief to be told my heart looked normal just a year later. But then, while having a cup of tea with Margaret one morning, I suffered a massive cardiac arrest. I had to have a pacemaker fitted and the consultant had stern words for me: ‘Next time you might not be so lucky. Your unhealthy lifestyle could kill you.’

Joining WW

The thought of having to shed so much weight seemed impossible. I found decades-long habits hard to break and felt overwhelmed, but I still felt sceptical when Margaret suggested joining WW together. But, after supporting one another on the programme, the weight soon started to come off. Now, I’m maintaining my weight loss and celebrating the new, slimmer, healthier me.