Tony: “It’s so easy - you can track everything in 10 minutes”

Tony lost 2st 8lb with WW!*
Published 3 December, 2020
When did you start your WW journey?

I started WW in January 2020. I'd got to a point in my life where I wasn't happy with the way I looked, and I wasn't happy with how I felt - I was tired, drawn, and not in a great place mentally. A lot of that was down to my weight: I ate out of comfort and I travel a lot with work, which means I ate at restaurants a lot without ever really thinking about the consequences.

It was the Christmas party season last year when it really hit home. I got really annoyed and angry because I just had nothing to wear, and I didn't really feel comfortable. I sat down with my wife and said, let's make a change, let’s start this journey together.

How much weight have you lost so far?

I've lost two and a half stone! I sleep better and I feel better: I'm a lot less stressed and angry at work, and I think that’s all down to how I’m eating and treating my body.

Do you feel better in yourself, too?

Absolutely, I’m in a much better place mentally. I went through some massive dark patches in my life: I couldn’t keep up with my kids and got depressed at the thought that I might not be around for them because my habits were leading me to an early grave. Something had to change.

We go for walks now, down to the beach and things like that. And I feel like I’ve got more to give to them, rather than feeling too tired. The WW weight-loss programme has totally changed the way I am with my kids. I'm there for them more - it's fantastic.

I would say that WW stands for wellness now. Mind, body, soul - everything comes into it. Other programmes don't really concentrate on that. It's not all about weight loss any more; it’s about feeling well. I’ve realised with WW that when you combine everything - food, mindset, activity - you come out a much better person.

What do you love about the WW app?

The WW app is fantastic, really. I think that's the one key word I would use to explain it. It’s the fact that I can track my food, I know where I am on a day-to-day basis throughout the day, but then also I've got workouts. So I've got wellness and I've got mindfulness tools, all of which I've used. Coupled up with water intake and sleep, it goes well beyond food - and that's been a great help to me.

My phone and the app are in my pocket, 24/7. They're either in my pocket or on my bedside table. If I've forgotten to track something, I can quickly pick it up and get it done!

What’s your favourite feature in the WW app?

I really love the water tracking feature. Water has been a big thing for me since joining WW. I used to drink a hell of a lot of fizzy drinks which I’ve now replaced with water, so having the tracker is brilliant.

I also love the range of recipes on the app - it’s just mind blowing! With over 2,000 you’re not going to struggle for inspiration. There’s so much choice, but it’s also a quick process finding something to cook, whether it’s for the family or just me and my wife. When we're meal planning at the beginning of the week, we can swipe through and essentially go, I've got an hour to cook on a Monday, or I've only got 30 minutes on a Tuesday - and then find a recipe to match.

How important is having lots of choice when it comes to food?

I've gone through fads and trialling different things, like just eating chicken and veg, for example. But it gets boring and repetitive, and that’s when I fall off the wagon. The WW app has a huge choice of recipes and a whole range of different cuisines. There’s so much flexibility in terms of what we can eat as a family, which is fantastic.

Is the app suitable for someone with a very busy lifestyle?

Yes. It works for me and I'm on the go as soon as I get up until after I go to bed, really, because my mind never stops. It takes just 10 minutes a day to track everything on the app: food, activity, water, the lot. The trackers are so easy to use, too - all of the hard work is done for you. There's none of this counting the calories and everything, that’s all taken out of it. Scan the barcode or tell the app what you're eating, and you’re done.

*Tony lost 2st 8lb in 45 weeks.