Success Stories

Willow: “I feel like a new me and I feel amazing. And if as a coach I can help other people to feel that amazing, that’s winning.”

Willow from Hampshire went from being 21 stone and too heavy to do an indoor skydive with her son, to losing more than 100 lbs and becoming an inspirational WeightWatchers coach herself.
Published 2 September, 2022
Why I started my WeightWatchers journey

It was Christmas 2019 and my son Reese got us tickets to go indoor skydiving together. But there was a big problem. The weight limit was 18 stone, and back then I was around 21 stone. This disappointment was my incentive to change my situation and lose at least three stone so we could do that experience.

I had also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and had faced mobility issues, so I went to see my GP and that was when I was referred to WeightWatchers.

Image of Willow who has successfully lost weight with WeightWatchers

The lockdown challenge

Almost as soon as I’d been to my first workshop we went into lockdown, and it was just me and my boy in a bubble. So armed with the WeightWatchers app and all those great recipes, I discovered new and healthier ways to make the food we both loved. We live in an isolated area, so takeaways weren’t an option, so I got really good at making those fakeaways!

Embracing choice

I used to have a snack cupboard filled with unhealthy stuff. But I didn’t chuck everything out. WeightWatchers isn't about getting rid of them. It isn't about, "You can't have that." It's very much, "Let's build that in. Let's have that in small doses." And discovering how to make better choices a regular, healthier habit. Those healthier habits stuck, helping me to lose more than seven stone along the way.

My greatest cheerleader

We all need someone in our corner to motivate us, and my son is brilliant. He’s the one that in lockdown, when I said “pizza for dinner?”, he said “Is there a WeightWatchers recipe for that?” He’s also a brilliant veggie prepper in the kitchen and is eating better as well - which is a result as he was a very fussy eater before.

Loving the app

The app has also been brilliant - just like another friend. I always use the barcode scanner and by tracking, I can enjoy what I eat and move on. Understanding how I can lean on my non-starchy veg and up my activity to boost my Points.

And the app has also helped me focus on mindset and sleep as well as activity - I really get how they’re all connected. So when you're sleeping better and you're feeling better mentally, you're more likely to make healthier choices.

My mantra now is "Have it, track it and own it, learn from it and move on. Because life's far too short not to.”

Image of Willow sat on some stairs, smiling

Dancing myself fit

Since starting my WeightWatchers journey I move a lot more and can easily get from A to B without feeling like I’m going to collapse, which I couldn’t before. But it's important to find an activity that you love. For me, that’s dancing, particularly pole dancing which allows your body to move. And actually it takes enormous strength. I used to struggle to even walk around the supermarket, but now I dance down the aisles. Barcode scanner in hand, of course.

Confidence, coaching and the future

Being part of WeightWatchers has given me a whole new lease on life and so much more confidence within myself. My whole world looks sunnier, and that was my inspiration for becoming a coach.

My advice to anyone that's thinking about starting with WeightWatchers is to just do it. You won't look back It's such an amazing plan. Personally, I don't ever feel like I'm on a diet. It really is a wellness journey, There are no good and bad foods.

I still get to have the things that I love and enjoy and lose weight doing it. It's truly amazing. And yes, I did the indoor skydiving with Reese and it was well worth waiting for!

Image of Willow laughing and holding her hip