Chloe: “Since joining WeightWatchers, I feel like I am at my best self, which is great for my family as well.""

WeightWatchers ambassador Chloe from Skegness lives with her three young children and partner. Here’s her inspirational success story
Published 2 September, 2022
Why I joined WeightWatchers

Not long after the birth of my third child, I faced up to the fact that I wasn’t putting myself in the best place. In between looking after the kids I was sitting around and gaining weight. And even when we got them settled, it was easier for me and my other half to order a takeaway rather than prepare a meal. And these habits just got worse we went into lockdown. Like so many other people we lost motivation, which not only impacts your physical health but also your mental health. I reached the point where I knew I had to make a change, not just for me, but for my family.

Image of Chloe who has successfully lost weight with WeightWatchers

Healthier food habits, healthier mindset

Meal prepping has really helped to get a healthy routine back into our lives. Thanks to WeightWatchers and the app I know my go-to foods, my Points, and am better at picking the healthier snack options. My whole family has got on board. We've always got fruit in the fridge or in the fruit bowl and we always go to healthier snacks now as opposed to picking up a packet of biscuits from the cupboard. It's just as easy to get an apple or some watermelon out of the fridge.

WeightWatchers has helped my mindset as well. Not just me, but my family as well. We get outdoors a lot more as a family, as opposed to sitting down for hours watching TV, which is really good for mental health and the children love it as much as we do.

Support on social media

I post quite a lot on Instagram, and whenever that’s anything about my journey with WeightWatchers, people want to know how they can do it, and how they can get on board. Now that I’m an ambassador I can show and talk about not just the change in my weight, but how my confidence has grown again. Just my clothes choices - I’ve gone from oversize t-shirts to wearing outfits that flatter me and make me feel good about myself - including tight-fitting trousers, dresses, a nice pair of shoes and crop tops.

Happy app, happy tracking, happy me

There is so much to love about the WeightWatchers app apart from tracking food and your Points. There are great exercise videos, recipe ideas and meal prepping too.

One of the best things about the WeightWatchers app, is Connect - the online community where you can On the app as well, you can actually interact with people on there and be part of a supportive community. Even when you have no motivation whatsoever, you can talk to someone and they’ll give the best advice they can.

Image of Chloe smiling with her hand out in front of her

Final words

The advice that I would give to anyone thinking about joining WeightWatchers is just to go for it. And this one is for the parents…you need to put yourself first at times and remember that it is okay to look after yourself. If you feel okay in yourself then that really helps your family to be happier.